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Mars Maltage Cosmo Malt Selection


Japan Alps mountains, clear water that gushes from the foot of Komagatake, in rich natural of alive altitude of 798m, Mars Shinshu Distillery is not standing in silence.

MARS MALTAGE Yue hundred(Cosmo) Malt Selection” is, by blending techniques of Mars whiskey, different types of multiple of malt whiskeys by Valle d’computing, is a malt whiskey that expresses the complexity and depth.

“Yue one hundred” of the brand name, was named from, which is one of the mountain leading to the central Alps “Kosumoyama”. From the nickname of Yue reminiscent of the universe hundred (Cosmo),the label is designed in the image of the night sky looking up from Mars Shinshu distillery in the central Alps foothills.

Tasting notes

Some of plump sweet scent reminiscent of honey and caramel, spread the scent of ripe fruit and subtle smoky flavor, mouth feel is round and soft, gentle lingering features.




Honey, caramel and ripe fruit and subtle smoky flavor


Mouthfeel is round and soft


Comfortable lingering finish

Bottle Size:

Regular (700ml) / 43% (Japan)


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