Sasanokawa Cherry EX


Sasanokawa Cherry EX


Sasanokawa Shuzo is a name in sake and shochu making since 1765. Almost 200 years later, in 1946, they expanded their repertoire with whisky. Although Sasanokawa is a rather small distillery they manage to maintain a high quality product which keeps them in competition with the great breweries of the north. Their whisky range goes under the name of Yamazakura.

Tasting notes

A cheap blend without big junk notes, malted caramel blue, slightly sweeter than normal (but far, far from liqueur sweetness), soft and mild I would not say, for 40% I have a good roaring (or stinging?) On the tongue when he is long remains in the mouth, comes some more nut and again brandy bean (no Mon Cherie, no fruit)


Deep amber


Light, fruity, sparkling. A hint of whiskey, but unfortunately a lot of cheap alcohol flavors in the nose. I have no cherry, maybe the slightly musty fruitiness.


In the mouth mild and sparkling, malt, alcohol and a certain sweet fruitiness.


medium, first a slight “afterburning” as with water with very much carbon dioxide, then mainly bitter chocolate

Bottle Size:

Regular(500ml)/ 40% (Japan)


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