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Suntory HIBIKI 21 Years Old Whisky Mount Fuji Limited Edition (700ml)


Suntory Hibiki 21 Years Old Japanese Whisky is full of grace. This premium blended whisky is crafted from whiskies distilled at Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita.  It features rare malt and grain whiskies which are matured for at least 21 years.  This refined Japanese whisky has achieved a string of awards including being named ‘World’s Best Blended Whisky’ on four occasions at the World Whisky Awards.

Suntory Hibiki 21 Years Old features an elegant, sweet and complex palate, with fruit notes and finish of Mizunara and sandalwood.
Suntory HIBIKI 21 Years Old Whisky Mount Fuji Limited Edition is a limited edition of Hibiki 21 Years in its famous bottle specially redecorated for the occasion.

This extremely rare limited edition version of the Hibiki 21 year old Mount Fuji ‘Kacho Fugetsu’ whisky (translating to “Beauty of Japanese Nature”) is available only at selected airports around the world, making it one of the rarest whiskies available.

Hibiki Bottles have 24 facets, representing 24 seasons of the Japanese lunar calendar. The Kacho Fugetsu limited edition also showcases a beautiful gold scenic print of Mount Fuji and the surrounding nature.

Hibiki, meaning ‘harmony’, is blended from Suntory’s Japanese distilleries, however the exact makeup of the whisky is a distillery secret. The end result is a magnificently balanced sipping whisky; rich, creamy, dark cherry and caramel on the palate, soft and sweet on the finish with a touch of smoke.

The Hibiki 21 year old contains a high proportion of single malt in the blend (over 50%) with most of the aged material well above the declared 21 years.

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible describes it as “…hard to raise the bar much higher than this. Stunning.” “Unbelievably balanced, and dangerously drinkable” 96 points.

Whether you’re buying to invest or to drink, you will not be disappointed!


2004, 2005,2006,2010,2012 – ISC, Gold Medal
2010, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2017 – WWA World’s Best Blended Whisky
2010 – IWSC Gold (Best in Class)
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016- ISC Trophy

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