“Japanese Quality Whisky pride ourselves on providing our customers with exclusive quality Japanese spirits, with unique proposition and exceptional value.”

The Japanese Quality Whisky Society (JQWS) is an Australian based company whom has warehouses both in Melbourne, Brisbane and Yokohama Japan. JQWS has been importing an array of Japanese Spirits direct from Japan for over 4 years. The business commenced in Japan and offered a diverse retail online website sales for unique, rare and limited authentic Japanese Whisky with over 200 sku’s to choose from. Over the years, JQWS has had to adapt to the changes of limitations, shipping restrictions and supply demands. Since late 2018, the primary company is now situated in Australia, and has evolved into a direct volume importer of exclusive and parallel brands. We primarily service the wholesale industry, direct competitors and large retail national groups.

Shop our ever changing range of vintage Japanese spirits, and enjoy the convenience of priority delivery direct to your door anywhere in Australia for a flat fee (over $250 purchases and 6 pack buy’s unlock free shipping), including parcel tracking and insurance.

We offer fast turn around on any orders, quality packaging to ensure the products are received in prime condition and above all, 100% guarantee a safe purchase space to buy and secure authentic Japanese spirits.

Unlock low prices on quality spirits today directly from the importer and distributor – no middle man allows us to pass on huge savings directly to the public!

The Spirit of Japan, Delivered in Australia ‘Retail, Importer & Wholesale Access’ 

Much of Japanese culture is founded on the idea of ‘kaizen’; the relentless pursuit of perfection, the art of absolutes. Think origami, sushi, bonsai, ikebana, or any number of uniquely Japanese pursuits – perfection is held above almost all other qualities. Japanese whisky is no different, and the past few years has seen the Australian market develop an insatiable appetite for Japanese distillers’ quest for perfection – and we’ve made it our mission to supply it to them.

We are Japanese Quality Whisky Society (JQWS). We’re the direct importers and wholesalers of a range of fine and unique artisan Japanese spirits. We specialise in whiskies that predominantly feature unique oak finishes such as Mizunara oak, sherry cask and Yamazakura oak finish spirits. We have a passion and the utmost belief that Japanese whisky is some of the finest in the world, with our unique collections of Japanese whiskies carefully curated to ensure that our customers receive only the finest spirits at an affordable price.

Japanese whiskies are unique from their global counterparts largely due to their emphasis on pure soft water and master blending techniques. Blending refers to combining spirits from different barrels to create a complex whole. The distillation process uses soft refined pure water unlike anywhere else in the world, and this leads to the remarkable elegant, lifted complexity, depth, and soft flavour in every bottle.

Some whiskies are slightly peated, others lightly or not at all; different yeasts and stills help shape different flavours, and the casks – whether of new mizunara oak, sherry, bourbon, yamazakura or re-charred casks impart flavour of their own. With these variables, the distiller has room to innovate beyond its age-statement whiskies. Our Japanese Gin’s are artisan small batch premium craft spirits. Specializing in botanical ingredients from Japan. The Sake and Shochu’s portfolio are produced from ancient century old producers, that create unique, affordable and quality white spirits. Our Sparkling Sake Sorah from Chiyamusubi Distillery is Japan’s #1 sparkling Sake is produced with Junmai Daiginjo premium sake, using Methold Traditional fermentation.

Our Whisky ranges are available nationwide via Dan Murphy’s, Costco and Coles, and support a known presence in the marketplace. National, Independent DBS and On-premise channels have availability, good accessibility and offer similar purchase platforms to encourage a uniformed approach in the market.

Want to stock JQWS at your store, bar, bottle shop or club?

There are three simple ways to purchase from our unique collection.

  1. Via our JQWS Wholesale Partners that offer trading terms: Paramount Liquor for South Australia, Victoria & New South Wales locations, and Australia Liquor Marketers and Liquid Specialty Beverages for those in Queensland.
  1. Via JQWS Direct Wholesale. We have two main warehouse locations nationwide – Queensland and Victoria. Our logistics partner nationally is Mainfreight, and you can simply click here, register for an account and order today.
  1. Via www.jqws.com.au, for all direct retail public sales which has great general year-round availability of product and stock, as well as competitive pricing.

Getting your hands on Japanese Whisky and Sprits our world of carefully curated, world-class Japanese whisky and spirits is available to your customers at the touch of a button, with availability accessible here in Australia finally! Speak to your wholesale partner today, or directory contact us anytime.


Japanese Quality Whisky Society won gold as Australia’s #1 Japanese Spirits Importer and Supplier in the Melbourne International Spirits Competition.

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