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Amahagan Whisky

From one of the smallest distilleries in Japan, this award-winning distillery is located north of Lake Biwa, facing towards Kyoto. Nagahama distilleries collection of Amahagan whiskey infuses its Japanese origins into every inch of itself, including its name (Nagahama spelt backwards)! Established in 2016, this tiny distillery creates a range of single malt whiskies and blends carefully selected international whiskies to age in Nagahama’s unique climate. Known for the unique alembic pot stills, Amahagn whisky is perfect for connoisseurs that wish to explore the very art and origin of artisanal whisky making.

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Experience an Authentic Japanese Blend with International Influence

With distinct flavour characteristics and notes, Nagahama’s range of small hand-crafted single malt and blended whiskies express the pinnacle of distillation origins. Filtered using the purest sourced water in Japan and finished in high-quality oak barrels from a range of tree species, Amahagan whisky combines delicate and complex notes inspired by Japanese and International flavours and whiskies. Amagahan whisky is known for creating floral and sweet whisky flavour profiles with a sharp finish to create an equal and unmatched characteristic. 


How to Store Your Amahagan Whisky 

To maintain the quality of your Amahagan whisky, you should store the bottle in a dark place with a cool temperature between 13-17°C. It’s also recommended to place the bottle on its side when storing it to allow it to breathe, ensuring that your whisky’s flavour stays fresh. Japanese single malt whiskies such as Amahagan usually have a shelf life of 6 months to a year. 


You can enjoy your single malt Amahagan whisky on the rocks, neat, mizuwari (whisky and water ratio), cocktails, and highballs.


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The artisanal and dedicated distillation process undertaken by Nagahama distillery is one that needs to be tasted and experienced by all whisky lovers. Taste the authentic flavours of whisky distillation from a team that goes back to single malt origins for a flavour profile and depth like any other. 


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