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Japanese Whisky Tasting Sets

Our range of whisky tasting sets will help to deepen your palette and understanding of Japanese liquors. Creating an impressionable experience into the various editions and types of Japanese whisky on offer across the globe.

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How to Enjoy Your Japanese Whisky Tasting Experience

Japan has become one of the sole distillery destinations when it comes to unique and world-class whisky flavour profiles. However, with an ever-growing range of characteristics and Japanese distilleries expanding their whisky collections, a novice may feel overwhelmed when breaching the realm of Japanese whisky.

Our Japanese whisky tasting sets are the perfect gift for a friend looking to dip their toes into the world of Japanese whisky or for a whisky enthusiast looking to broaden their knowledge.

Our tasting sets currently include globally known brands such as Shin and Shinobu and will extend to other reputable and individual distilleries across Japan over time.

Whether you’re a whisky drinker who enjoys a warm and toasty flavour profile or prefers to focus on the distillation process and flavour notes created from this, our Japanese whisky tasting sets will provide a new brand for you to experience and indulge in. collections. Our imported Japanese liquor is available directly to your door with free priority delivery anywhere in Australia