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Japanese Single Grain Whisky

Discover the finest in Japanese single grain whisky imports, courtesy of the Japanese Quality Whisky Society. Elevate your cult whisky collection with an impeccably balanced bottle today.

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Rediscover The Art of Fine Drinking With a Japanese Single Grain Whisky

Boasting a caramelised and sweet flavour profile with organic and layered notes, the single grain whisky is a light-bodied and mellow option for the avid whisky drinker. Unlike single malt whiskies that are made exclusively from malted grain (usually barley), single grain whiskies can be made with corn, wheat, or a blend of the two, and do not need to be malted, allowing for some complexity in the body. Both whiskies, however, owe their names to the fact that they must be produced in a single distillery in order to sport the appellation.

The result is a smooth-drinking spirit with its own unique flavour composition that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

Tastefully Unique And Expertly Crafted, Uncover the Difference of a Japanese Single Grain Whisky 

Immerse yourself in the dulcet notes of a premium Japanese single grain whisky. Brought to you by JQWS, our selection of fine Japanese liquors has been expertly curated to give you access to some of Japan’s most prestigious bottles and exquisite flavours. Discover smooth, complex whiskies from master distilleries such as Nikka and Suntory, and enjoy an elegant liquor with a hint of sweetness and a long finish.

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