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Yamazaki Whisky

Hailed as the pioneer of Japanese whisky, Yamazaki whiskies offer a taste of single malt whisky produced at Japan’s first and oldest distillery. Yamazaki whiskies are some of the most highly sought spirits by whisky connoisseurs in more than 35 countries – and they’ve got the international accolades to back them up. Browse our range below and experience the perfect embodiment of Japan’s nature and craftsmanship.

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A harmonious blend of Japanese and Scottish traditions 

The conception of Yamazaki whisky was inspired by the traditional techniques of Scottish whisky making. However, Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii wanted an emphasis on an authentically Japanese approach. Consequently, the Yamazaki distillery was built on the edge of Kyoto to draw from one of the purest water sources in Japan – an essential element that makes Yamazaki whisky so remarkable. 

Yamazaki whiskies produce distinctive aromas and deep, complex flavours – a credit to their delicate and meticulous distillation process. From notes of fruit and chocolate to the oriental aromas of Mizunara oak, each Yamazaki whisky offers a unique experience for you. 

How to enjoy Yamazaki whiskies:

You can enjoy Yamazaki whisky in several ways, including neat, on the rocks, or mixing in a cocktail. It’s recommended to serve Yamazaki whisky by combining the whisky with sparkling water over ice in a highball glass. In a classic method favoured by the Japanese, you can add a twist of lemon as a garnish for a refreshing, zingy burst of citrus in your highball whisky. Consider pairing your Yamazaki whisky with dishes that include fried chicken or other seasoned foods. 

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Whether you’re looking to expand your taste in whisky or searching for a unique liquor, you can browse an extensive selection of our Japanese whiskies to find a bottle that suits your taste. From single cask, blended, single grain and single malt whiskies, our range of products is always growing to follow the latest trends on the market. 

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