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25 Year Old Whisky 700mL

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Yamazaki 25-Year-Old single malt whisky from Suntory, matured for a quarter of a century to create one of the best Whiskies you will ever drink. Yamazaki 25-Year-Old is considered one of the rarest and most coveted single malt whiskies in the world.

Nose:Mizunara smoky notes of incense, followed by a complex bouquet of mature kaki persimmon and ume plum notes.
Palate:A smoky first sip of Mizunara sandalwood notes that open and deepen into complex layers of kaki persimmon subtle sweetness, tart ume plum notes and gentle shoga ginger spicy notes.
Finish:Long finish with Mizunara smokiness and lingering subtly sweet wood notes that remain