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The Shin – Japanese Malt Whisky

‘Shin’ in Japanese denotes ‘integrity’, one of the core elements of the Samurai tradition. Distilled on the seaside western coast of Japan, Niigata, The Shin malt whiskies are crafted by master whisky brewer, Mr Ken Usami. The Shinobu Distillery, where The Shin malt whiskies are produced is also where Usami distills Shinobu whiskies. Usami selects the finest single malt whiskies, distills them twice in bourbon and sherry casks, and then finishes them in Japanese Mizunara oak casks which is one of the characteristics that set them apart from any other type of whisky. The Shin malt whiskies are manufactured without cold filtration or artificial colour to preserve their full-bodied flavour. Indulge in the perfectly balanced combination of woodiness, incense, and fruitiness, with an aftertaste of spices and pepper. Browse Japanese Quality Whisky Society’s range of The Shin malt whiskies today. 

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The Shin malt whiskies use imported malt, which is malted in Scotland, and then shipped to the Shinobu distillery in Niigata. The process of distillation, fermentation, and maturation takes over 3 months. The region of Niigata is especially known for its “three white treasures” – snow, rice, and sake. The snow which falls on the mountain tops is what runs down the streams to give the region such pure water that is used in the Shinobu distillery. 

The Best Ways to Enjoy The Shin Malt Whisky

You can enjoy The Shin malt whisky neat or on the rocks, and you can choose to drink it either on its own or with a meal. It will pair beautifully with dark chocolate, cheese, fatty foods, spicy foods, seafood, and sushi. 

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