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As an award-winning importer of artisan Japanese spirits in Australia, JQWS is dedicated to curating only the finest spirits for you. We specialise in whiskies with unique finishes, such as Mizunara oak, sherry cask, and Yamazakura oak. Combined with a range of authentic and exclusive ingredients, the distilling process of our whiskies produces a remarkably complex and delectable flavour in every bottle. Experience the authentic art of blending, refined craftsmanship, and luxury when you taste a Japanese whisky from JQWS

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We firmly believe that Japanese whiskies are some of the finest spirits in the world. Japanese whisky has gained worldwide recognition in recent years, and for good reason. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle is unparalleled, resulting in a flavour profile that is both complex and refined. At JQWS we put the same attention to detail to find and source each bottle to bring you the taste of Japan.

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We have a passion for Japanese spirits and are committed to bringing the finest and most authentic products to our customers.  We offer an extensive selection of Japanese liquor, including Whisky, Vodka, Gin, sake and Shochu. Our products are sourced directly from Japan, ensuring their authenticity and quality. We also work closely with Japanese producers and distributors to bring our customers the latest and most innovative products. Join our society to have exclusive access to our collection of Japanese spirits and exclusive discounts. If you’re looking for a special gift for a whisky lover, our whisky gifts and whisky-tasting sets  are made to impress. Shop with JQWS to enjoy the convenience of priority delivery right to your doorstep anywhere in Australia for free.