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Shinobu – Japanese Whisky

Meaning ‘forbearance’ in the Japanese language, ‘Shinobu’ symbolises the spirit of a samurai, which, similar to creating quality spirits, requires patience, persistence, and time. Shinobu is renowned for its range of non-age expressions, vintage expressions, and Shin malt whiskies. The Shinobu malt whiskies are carefully hand-picked by Mr Ken Usami, a whisky enthusiast and expert brewer, and then aged in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks, before finishing in Japanese Mizunara oak casks in Niigata. Each type of whisky has a different profile to suit various tastes – ranging from sweet, spicy, nutty, fruity, and woody aromas and flavours. Experience the rich, silky taste of Shinobu whiskies today with Japanese Quality Whisky Society.

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Japanese Malt Whiskies Skilfully Crafted in Niigata

The Shinobu distillery is located in the seaside region on the west coast of Japan, Niigata, a beautiful city known for its ‘three white treasures’ – snow, rice, and sake. Mr Usami founded the brewery and obtained Niigata’s first whisky license. The award-winning Shinobu whiskies blend 50% malt, 50% grain, fruits, spices, and other quality ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind infusion that is silky smooth and easy to drink. The unique taste and quality of Shinobu whisky not only comes from Usami’s flavour blend but also from the Mizunara oak casks and the incredibly pure water source which comes from the mountaintop snow flowing through the Niigata rivers. And with their release of the Shinobu Single Malt 1st Batch, there is a Shinobu for everyone.

Enhance Your Shinobu Whisky Experience 

Shinobu Single Malt, Blended or Shinobu Pure malt whiskies are best served neat or on the rocks in a lowball glass. You can also mix up your own cocktail with our premium Japanese malt whisky. Shinobu whisky can harmoniously pair with smoked foods, meat, spicy foods, desserts, dark chocolate, and cheese. 

To preserve the taste of Shinobu malt whisky, you should store it in a cool, dry, and dark place where temperature and humidity are consistent. We recommend drinking your whisky within 2 months of opening as it can lose its flavour, oxidise, and evaporate over time when open.

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