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The Shinobu Pure Malt Lightly Peated (700ml)



Shinobu Lightly Peated Pure Malt whisky NAS and 10Y are the first peated whisky to be released by Shinobu distillery. Peated whisky was sourced from selected distilleries from mainly highland and speyside regions and carefully blended by the master blender Mr. Usami Ken  and finished in Mizunara wood for more than 6 months.

The Shinobu Distillery in collaboration with Niigata Beer Distillery is located in the Japanese seaside region of  Niigata on the country’s western coast.  The area is famous for its “Three White Treasures”: snow, rice and sake which have been cultivated there for centuries.  Shinobu Pure Malt whiskies are crafted by master blender, Mr. Usami Ken who blends malts aged in sherry, bourbon and Hogshead casks before finishing them in Japan’s prized Mizunara Oak. Famous for imparting rich, honeyed flavors of apples, pears, cloves and nutmeg, Mizunara Oak has been used in Japan since the 1930s and is now sought-after by whisky makers around the world.  All Shinobu whiskies are created without chill-filtration or added color to protect and enhance their deeply complex, robust flavor.


GOLD MEDAL – International Wine and Spirits Competition 2022

DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022


Nose: Smells creamy and minty with some light peat and a touch of lemon. Hints of charcoal smoke and ash

Palate: The peat tastes stronger on the palate, mingled with notes of charcoal smoke, ash, and dry grass and a hint of saltiness

Finish: Lingering taste of roasted wood with lots of sweetness from roasted malt

700ml ABV 43%


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