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Nagahama Whisky

Discover Nagahama whisky, brought to you directly from the Shiga Prefecture on the banks of Lake Biwa, Japan. Beginning operations in 2016, the Nagahama distillery boasts an intimately sized production space, dedicated to the production of premium craft whiskies in signature alembic Hoga stills. Delve into a depth of aromas, expertly balanced for a fragrant and complete drinking experience that’s sure to impress any connoisseur.
Whether you’re going for something light and delicate or bold and enticing, there’s a Nagahama whisky for every occasion!

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Introducing Nagahama Whisky – A Delicate Blend of Japanese Botanicals

Located in Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture, the Nagahama distillery excels in crafting fine single malts and blended whiskies that boast complexity and depth. Marrying whiskies from the Strathearn and Eden Mill distilleries of Scotland, Nagahama produces small, handcrafted batches meticulously blended for a unique and inimitable flavour. Their whiskies are known for their layered profile and fine-tuned balance of floral notes, citrus flavours, and malty tones- all of which come together to create a truly unique taste experience.

We’re proud to be your supplier of premium Nagahama whisky in Australia. Our commitment to bringing you the finest liquors means you can rest assured that when you purchase from Japanese Quality Whisky Society, you’re getting a product that’s been carefully selected from one of Japan’s most respected distilleries.

Premium Nagahama Whisky, Delivered to Your Door

The world of Japanese whisky is a vast and complex one, with an array of distilleries producing a diverse catalogue of varieties. But few whiskies can match the quality and character of the Nagahama distillery – and now, they’re available in Australia.

At JQWS, our whisky selection is carefully curated by our team of experts with an eye toward quality, value, and uniqueness. That’s why you can trust that every bottle we source is of the utmost quality and unparalleled in its class. Whether you’re after the light body of a single grain option or the distinct profile of a single cask whisky, we’ll have the perfect bottle for you.

We deliver our products straight from Japan to your doorstep at the best prices so that you can enjoy the refined flavours of your favourite Japanese whiskies with ease. 

Indulge In The Flavours of the Nagahama Distillery

Enjoy the distinct flavours of Japan with a glass of Nagahama on the rocks – the perfect indulgence for the devoted whisky connoisseur.

Made with the utmost craftsmanship, discover a unique body of flavours for your drinking pleasure. Rich yet smooth, with notes of orchard fruit and charred spice, discover a whisky that will delight even the most discerning palate. Shop the collection today, and uncover the flavours of Nagahama for yourself.