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Nagahama Roman Blended Whisky (700ml)



Nagahama Distillery founded in 2016 is the smallest distillery in Japan, so their own whisky is not reserved sufficiently yet. Therefore they have been importing whisky from Scotland, where their master blender thoroughly studied about whisky production before the distillery’s foundation. The master blender selected whisky carefully, visiting various distilleries in Scotland. He blended and matured the whisky at Nagahama Distillery.

Nagahama Distillery is located on the side of Lake Biwa which is the largest lake in Japan and called “Mother Lake” . It is said to be very suitable for maturing whisky because amount of the lake’ s water moderates the surrounding climate. The letters of “Roman “ on the bottle mean romance in English. We can say that a new adventure of Nagahama Distillery has begun with the selected whisky in the suitable land.

〜Tasting Notes〜
Aroma: Refreshing aroma reminiscent of the richness of chocolate, orange peel and tropical fruits and pleasant herbs.
Taste: Tenderness like white peach, cotton candy and caramel, while maintaining the rich sweetness and freshness. Long finish and lingering gentle taste.



Gold Medal – Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2022

Bronze Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021

Bronze Medal – Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2021


700ml, ABV 43%

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