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Single Malt The First Batch Whisky 500mL

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Nagahama Single Malt the First Batch is a premium Japanese whisky that is highly regarded by whisky enthusiasts and collectors around the world. It is the first ever release from Nagahama Distillery, which is located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. This whisky is made using 100% malted barley and is carefully aged in oak casks to develop its unique flavour profile. Nagahama Single Malt The First Batch – Distilled during 2017 to 2019 with 4 casks used, Bourbon, Sherry, Islay Quarter whisky and Mizunara oak.

Nose:Ripe fruits like red apple or persimmon. Sweet vanilla, coconut and caramel, followed by the refreshing aromas of raspberries or cranberries.
Palate:Very smooth. Reminiscent of freshly baked raisin cookies or dried apricots. Then herbal essence like black tea.
Finish:The bitterness and dryness derived from the barrel bring out the whole taste.