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Shinobu Single Malt Whisky First Batch

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About this product

Experience the unparalleled purity and rich depth of flavor, accentuated by the distinctive notes of Mizunara oak and malt in our premium offering of our Shinobu Single Malt Whisky First Batch. Crafted by hand-picked whisky that has been aged in the finest casks for more than 3 years in Japan. Using first-fill bourbon barrels and finishing in Mizunara Oak. This is the first Single Malt from Shinobu Distillery and is small batch with only 3,000 bottles produced worldwide.


A delightful blend of vanilla and chocolate notes, with hints of exotic passion fruit, all enhanced by the elegant aroma of Mizunara oak.


A smooth sweetness with hints of spices, vanilla, and citrus, followed by a gentle oak smokiness.


The whisky offers a medium sweetness and woody character, with a subtle bitterness

for added depth and complexity.