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Japanese Whisky Gifts & Sets 

Everyone loves to celebrate, and a Japanese whisky gift set is the perfect contribution to mark any occasion. From weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays to official holidays such as Christmas, Ochugen, Oseibo, and the new year. Career advancement or corporate achievements also offer the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a Japanese whisky gift set.

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Japanese Spirits: Drinking Customs and Traditions 

No matter what drink is being enjoyed, whether it’s Japanese whisky, sake, gin, nihonshu, or shochu, there are several Japanese customs and traditions when it comes to serving and consuming spirits. For example, it is customary to all drink the same alcoholic beverage for the first round and not to drink until everyone has been served. 

It is also customary not to serve your own drink, nor allow someone else to serve themselves, and to hold the glass with two hands while being served. Japanese drinking customs also encourage use of the traditional toast phrase, “Kanpai!”

Choosing The Right Sake, Sochu, Gin, or Japanese Whisky Gift Set

The celebration of milestones and life events are opportunities to create new memories. The best spirits for gifting, other than Japanese whisky gifts, include gin, sake, nihonshu, and shochu.

If your loved one enjoys a soft and citric spirit with a peppery finish, they will enjoy a strong Japanese gin. If they think bourbon is too sweet and enjoy smokey, rich flavours, a Japanese whisky gift would be the best fit. 

For those that enjoy a clean and fruity flavour, sake would make the perfect gift. Sochu is often described as a blend of whiskey or brandy and vodka and would make a good gift for someone who enjoys a strong taste. 

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