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Japanese Gin

Discover expertly balanced botanicals in a delectable expression of Japanese culture with Japanese Quality Whisky Society’s range of Japanese gins. More than just a drink, Japanese gin is the careful concoction of native floral ingredients, to create a truly unique and modular flavour profile and a refined drinking experience.

At JQWS we’re dedicated to the perfection-seeking principles of kaizen, devoting ourselves to nurturing that spirit in our premium range of high-quality gins.

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Fine Japanese Gins, Now Available in Australia

JQWS is your supplier of premium Japanese gin in Australia. We believe there’s nothing better than an authentic, handcrafted drink that has been made with care and attention. That’s why we offer you the best in Japanese gin: made with the finest ingredients and craftsmanship, it’s sure to be an experience you’ll want to savour again and again.

With an emphasis on local, indigenous botanicals, the Japanese gin recipe owes its popularity in part to its distinct process. With each ingredient separately harvested, macerated, and distilled, the final spirit is an intricate work of harmony and blending – not unlike Japanese whisky.

Discover Japanese Craft Gin, For a Liquor to Indulge Your Senses

JQWS’s collection of premium gins are not just drinks: they’re works of mastery, crafted with care by some of the most reputable distilleries of the Northeast Asian region. Each bottle has been developed for a unique tasting experience, each with its own story to tell. We believe in creating a product that is not only beautiful to drink, but also special enough to share with your friends. The best way to enjoy these premium spirits? Straight up!

Introducing fine Japanese spirits – delivered straight to you

Regale your palate with JQWS’s selection of finely curated spirits, delivered directly from Japan. Whether you’re looking for enveloping flavours of a quality Japanese whisky, the refined aromas of a delectable saké, or the firm kick of a premium shochu, we have the perfect selection for you to choose from.

And if you’re thinking ahead to the gifting season, why not browse our range of whisky tasting sets and whisky gifts for a luxurious present that’s sure to please?