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Japanese Gin 700mL

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About this product

Tenjaku Gin is a light, balanced and accessible gin. Pleasant juniper that isn’t over-shadowed by the other botanicals— but it’s also not a classic juniper-forward gin. It walks the line between the two nicely. While I’d say Tenjaku Gin leans slightly contemporary, it will appeal to fans of both styles.

Nose:A distinctive, but subtle yuzu note highlights a nose brimming with honey, juniper and a creamy, unctuous richness. Very inviting nose.
Palate:Slightly more spice forward on the palate than in the aroma. Low volume star anise and fennel seed early. Mid-palate citrus comes through with pepper and orange notes. Late, the citrus becomes more Seville orange and hints of jasmine tea.
Finish:While there’s juniper in the background notes throughout the entire sip of Tenjaku Gin, it’s most pronounced on the finish where some terpenic hints of pine offer balance to a coriander and sansho dry out.