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The Cacao Whisky Heberica 720mL

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About this product

Heberica is a luxurious craft whisky meticulously infused with carefully roasted cocoa beans, resulting in a subtle cocoa-infused flavour. This whisky embodies a classical flavour profile, created by meticulously blending carefully crafted Japanese whisky from Japanese distilleries with selected Scotch whisky

The top notes immediately after opening reveal a subtle hint of cocoa flavor, well-balanced and pleasing to the senses. After aeration, the aroma expands, revealing a strong presence of roasted cocoa and a dark chocolate-like scent. In the middle notes, you may also detect a slightly nutty aroma reminiscent of black sesame. The final notes leave a gentle impression of the whisky’s alcohol fragrance.
The taste begins with a delightful sweetness of cocoa, followed by a slightly sharp sensation unique to alcohol in the middle, and as it progresses towards the end, a pleasant lingering aftertaste of chocolate and a gentle sweetness with a hint of nuttiness. The overall impression is a well-rounded and enjoyable flavour profile, with the whisky’s alcohol character subtly present.