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Sparkling Japanese Sake

Sparkling Sake or Japanese Champagne is the perfect way to toast life’s celebrations. It is much lighter when compared to nihonshu (Japanese Sake). With a softer feel, Japanese Sparkling Sake is the perfect mild-tasting summer alternative to beer and ideal for those who want to start appreciating the flavour profile of Japanese Sake. 


Becoming popular in the last decade, sparkling Sake has been promoted as ‘Japanese Champagne’ in lieu of the Olympics in 2020. This recent endorsement portrayed sparkling Sake as a celebratory drink with Japanese flavour. First produced in 1998, sparkling Sake was created as a modern way to enjoy Sake and open its classic palate up to a new range of consumers.

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How to Best Enjoy Sparkling Japanese Sake 

When drinking Japanese Sparkling Sake, you should act as if you’re drinking Champagne or sparkling wine. Your sparkling Sake should be served as cold as possible. Unlike hot Sake, Sparkling Sake can’t be served warm as this would allow carbonation to escape quickly and create a flat drink, which is not something you want when celebrating!


During the fermentation process, bubbles are present in all sakes. While classic Sake brewing processes allows this carbonation to escape, Sparkling Sake is made purely through fermentation to preserve the carbon dioxide already present in the Sake. This can be accomplished by adding kassei nigori, an active yeast, after the Sake has been bottled.


While you can serve your sparkling Sake in cold sake cups, choosing a sparkling wine glass or flute retains its fizz for longer and creates a more elegant look with transparent bubbles for an authentic celebratory look. Sparkling sakes are best paired with overly sweet desserts or pork, and white meat served with a sweet sauce.


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