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Sorah Sparking Sake 720mL

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About this product

Produced in a way that it merges the traditional sake brewing techniques with the new and innovative, it is the perfect sparkling sake to be enjoyed as a tasting drink for celebrations and other special occasions, Kanpai!

Sake type: Sparkling Sake

Rice Polish: Undisclosed

How to drink: Chilled

100% Rice from Totorri

Food Pairing: Fresh oysters; salmon tartare; kohlrabi salad with vinaigrette.

Nose:The first aroma from the mousse is floral.
The second aroma from sake is floral with a hint of white flower. It also contains the fruity aromas of fresh white peach, muscat grapes, and grapefruits. Elegant and refreshing
Palate:The mouth-feel of fine bubbles is very smooth and pleasant.
Finish:The well-balanced moderate sweetness and sourness are pleasant and provide a refreshing feel to the palate. The aftertaste is clean and crisp, and finishes up fresh, maintaining gentle fruitiness.