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Sparkling Sake "John" 720mL

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About this product

Using “Gin no Yume,” a rice suitable for sake brewing from the Reihoku region of Kochi Prefecture, we have created a sparkling Junmai Daiginjo sake that has been carefully cultivated in a blessed natural environment.

Sake type: Junmai-ginjo

Rice Polish: 50%

How to drink: Chilled

Raw material rice / Gin no Yume (Kochi)

Food pairing: Tempura, Sashimi, White meat carpaccio, asparagus etc


Small air bubbles rise slowly. The aroma is fruity. It has a rich scent like white peach and pear. Sparkling sake is for those who are not used to drinking sake. John has an approachable impression even for foreigners and people who feel that Japanese sake is heavy. John has a gorgeous impression even when enjoying champagne, so he is suitable