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Sake Nature 720mL

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This Junmai Daiginjo is made using 100% specially cultivated rice suitable for sake brewing that is cultivated using only organic fertilizers in the rice terraces of the Tosa Reihoku region where the sake brewery is located, and is brewed using Kimoto making in a blessed natural environment

Sake type: Junmai-Daiginjo
Rice Polish: 45%
How to drink: Chilled
Raw material rice / Gin no Yume or Yamada Nishiki (Kochi)

Food Pairing: This sake pairs perfectly with poached white fish in a creamy sauce, dishes with aromatic Asian spices or miso-based sauces.

Shining color. The aroma is gentle, with notes of yellow flowers, ripe pears, and dense grains, with the natural aroma of rice. When you put it in your mouth gives an impression of being firm and growing vertically. Sweetness and firm acidity gives a smart impression. In the second half, the umami lingers and feels long