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Warm or Hot Japanese Sake

Sake, the ancient traditional alcoholic beverage with centuries of history in Japanese culture and religion, is a drink now adored by many all over the world. Produced from the fermentation of rice, yeast, water, and other complementary ingredients, sake has a clean, sweet, and umami flavour. Serving certain Japanese sake types warmer, at a temperature closer to our bodies allows you to experience its bold flavours with less bitterness. Junmai, Honjozo, and Futsushu are the types of sake that are best served warm or hot. Browse Japanese Quality Whisky Society’s range of warm or hot Japanese sakes today. 

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The Benefits of Drinking Hot or Warm Japanese Sake

There are certain types of sake such as dry or rich varieties (Junmai, Honjozo, Futsushu) that are best served warm or hot to enhance the full flavours and aromas of the alcohol. When served warm or hot, sake will warm you up and you’ll feel the effects of the alcohol more quickly than you would when it’s cold. There are 6 stages of hot sake named by the temperature at which they are served: Hinatakan (30℃), Hitohadakan (35℃), Nurukan(40℃), Jyokan(45℃), Atukan (50℃), and Tobikirikan (55℃). When heated to a temperature between 30℃ and 40℃, sake is sweeter and less bitter. From 45℃ and 55℃, sake will taste drier and sharper. 


There are 3 different ways you can heat up your sake. You can either put your sake bottle in a pot of boiled water (stove off) and leave it for 2-3 minutes or put sake straight in the microwave (stir before drinking). Hot sake is best served in a ceramic or porcelain cup. 


Warm or hot sake complements hot food and especially saltier and more flavourful dishes such as wagyu, ramen, fish cake, boiled tofu, sushi, and fatty foods. 

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