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Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Japanese single malt whisky has experienced a surge in popularity over the last few years. It’s similar to Scottish single malt whiskey production in that it is a grain spirit distilled from malted barley, but it has one major point of difference. Single malt Japanese whisky is produced with a higher ABV, meaning it doesn’t require a long maturing time, resulting in more robust, decadent flavours over its Scottish or American counterparts. 

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Tasting the Difference Between Japanese Single Malt or Single Cask Whisky

What’s the difference between a Japanese single malt whisky and a single cask whisky? While both whiskies must be produced from a single distillery (hence the ‘single’ in their title), there are differences in the aging process that result in two unique flavour profiles. 

The word ‘malt’ means that the whisky was produced from malted barley, without corn or other grains. Single malt whisky is aged in multiple casks and barrels of different materials.

On the other hand, single cask whisky is aged in one cask or barrel. This produces a limited run of whisky bottles, resulting in a rare run of Japanese single malt whisky. Casks and barrels are made of Japanese oak or mizunara, which is more porous and rare than American or European oak.

Japanese Quality Whisky Society stocks a range of single malt and single cask whiskies for the casual whisky lover right through to connoisseurs.


Why You’ll Love Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Due to the high-quality water and vertical production of Japanese single malt whisky, it always offers a bold, rich flavour that tastes more like an artistic experience than just a drink. JQWS stocks a range of quality single malt options that will have every whisky-lover ready to conduct a tasting. Some of the most in-demand labels are Yamazaki Single Malt, Nagahama Single Malt, The Shin Malt Mizunara, and the Nagahama Single Malt Sherry Oloroso. 

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