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Aikawahomare Yamahai-Junmai 58 720mL

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Keigetsu Aikawa-homare Yamahai Junmai is made from Gin-no-Yume rice, harvested in the terraced rice paddies in Aikawa area in Tosa, polished down to 58% of its original size remaining. Brewed with Yamahai method. Keigetsu Aikawa-homare Yamahai Junmai offers beautiful acidity with well-defined umami and balanced fruitiness. It is full bodied and very food friendly style. Serve chilled, room-temperature and warm.

Sake type: Junmaishu
Rice Polish: 58%
How to drink: Chilled or Room Temperature
Raw material rice / Gin no Yume (Kochi)

Food Pairing: Medium-fatty tuna, braised pork, cheese and sashimi


The main aroma is rice, with yogurt-like characteristics. Strong aromas from Shiratamako and rice. Very slight banana and flower-like aroma. Strong taste. , it spreads wide and has a large volume, and the rice’s natural umami becomes multi-layered and thick, and the acidity and bitterness continue in the second half