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CEL24 Junmai-Daiginjo 50 720mL

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Highly aromatic with notes of pineapple, mango, banana & fruit candy. Juicy fruit on the palate, yet refreshingly light, with a hint of minerality. CEL24 is a Kochi-only yeast type

Very modern style of Japanese Sake. It is super aromatic, with a nose of almost pure pineapple. Great for pairing with Western Cuisine. It swept up a lot of awards in 2019 based on its originality

Sake type: Junmai-ginjo
Rice Polish: 50%
How to drink: Chilled
Raw material rice / Gin no Yume or Yamada Nishiki (domestic)

Food Pairing: Simmered dishes, lean tuna

The appearance is a beautiful, transparent crystal with a strong viscosity.The aroma of ripe fruit, the aroma of rice reminiscent of overripe yellow peaches, and the aroma of rice derived from yeast. Floral aroma. Broad and wide, with a fruity sweetness and acidity in the second half