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Extra dry Tokubestu Junmai 60 720mL

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About this product

This Extra Dry is the sake brewed to fill this void. It has a characteristic Junmai presence on the nose and palate; its dry nature opens a slight alcohol sweetness to come through in the crisp, rice rich, mouthfeel. The clear, clean taste makes this a very food friendly sake that can also be enjoyed on its own.

Recommended drinking temperature: chilled (5-15°C) or warm (30-40°C)

The aroma of Japanese sake and rice, with tofu, refreshing plants, and rush-like aromas.Refreshing, with the goodness of pure rice, This sake has the umami, thickness, and richness that comes from rice.It doesn’t have a strong personality, so it won’t interfere with the dishes you’ll get tired of drinking, and it has the impression that it goes well with dishes eaten with rice