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Kabosu Citrus Umeshu 500mL

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About this product

KABOSU CITRUS & UMESHU is a unique blend of locally grown Bungo and Nankou plums, matured in Umeshu, and infused with the juice of locally-sourced kabosu fruit from Usuki City in Oita Prefecture . The refreshing tartness of the kabosu citrus complements the sweetness of the plum wine, resulting in a perfectly balanced and sophisticated taste. With an alcohol content of 12%, it is perfect on the rocks or mixed with water for a smooth and easy-drinking experience.

Nose: Intricately woven aromas of lusciously sweet and tangy flowers, reminiscent of a symphony of exquisite blooms. Hints of matured citrus sweet kabosu fruits gracefully intermingle, adding a zesty allure to the ensemble.
Palate: A palate with a velvety texture, offering a profound, rich, and well-structured taste. It weaves together fresh sweet-tartness and deep bitterness harmoniously. Notes of burnt caramel, citrus, Japanese herbs, and ripe plum intertwine to create a delightful symphony of flavors.
With a concise to moderate length, it begins with an earthy depth reminiscent of Japanese soil, culminating in the refreshing citrus notes unique to yellow kabosu that linger until the end.