Umiki Whisky (750ml)


Umiki Whisky (750ml)



Umiki Whisky is an authentic blended whisky from Japan Ocean is source of life and Pine tree is symbol of life in Japan. Inspired by Japan’s respect for nature and the ocean, we fused local ocean side malt whiskies with grain whiskies in reserve before blending with pure filtered ocean water and finishing the blend in Japanese pine barrels.

Umiki Ocean Tree Whisky is the:
World’s first ocean fused whisky
World’s first whisky finished in Japanese pine barrels
World’s first fully sustainable water blended whisky
Priced within Japanese Blended Whisky category

Whisky Bible 2021 by Jim Murray

UMIKI WHISKY : Got 90.50 points and with his own words:
“…truly a one off. Really scratching my head working  out how to describe this. … What is clear from the  glass – and that is where it matters, not the label – is  that there is something markedly different about this  whisky, offering a signature incomparable to other  brands. An oddball, maybe…. But one of the most fascinating  whiskies I have tasted this year.


DOUBLE GOLD China Wine & Spirit Awards 2020

GOLD World Spirit Awards 2020

GOLD New York Spirits Competition 2020

GOLD International Spirit Challenge 2020

GOLD World Whisky Masters 2020

BRONZE London Spirits Competition 2020

GOLD SIP Awards 2020


SILVER Bar Tender Spirit Awards 2020

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 40 cm


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