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Japanese Blended Whisky

Expertly balanced and meticulously concocted, discover a fine drinking experience with this selection of premium Japanese blended whiskies. Carefully curated for unparalleled flavour, elevate your collection with a bottle of inimitable Japanese whisky – artfully brought to you by the Japanese Quality Whisky Society.

Uncover the range today and gift your palate with a unique drinking experience.

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An Exercise In Craftsmanship: Discover The Unique Taste of Japanese Blended Whisky

A combination of two or more different types of single malt whiskies, blended whiskies offer a layered flavour and complete taste, expertly balanced to enhance the whisky’s most complementary and harmonising flavours. The result is a complex but lighter-bodied drink that’s easy to drink straight or on the rocks.

Blended whisky can be just as delicious as single malt when crafted with care by an experienced distiller – and these are the whiskies you’ll find at JQWS. Our Japanese blends are finely developed and perfect for mixing into cocktails or enjoying neat after dinner with friends. 


Japanese Blended Malt Whisky – Seamlessly Imported For Your Drinking Pleasure

Masterfully balanced, blended Japanese whisky is the perfect drink for those looking for an introduction to the rich and complex notes of a centuries-old liquor. Delicately crafted and complete, our blended Japanese whiskies offer consistency in every serve, so you can enjoy the reliable flavour of an approachable whisky.


Discover the range today

JQWS is Melbourne’s finest destination for quality Japanese whisky imports, delivered straight to your door. Immerse yourself in the flavours of Northeastern Asia with some of the most revered names, including Ichiro, Nikka, and Suntory Whisky.

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